Linux System Administration

Linux is operating system which was designed by the person named as Linus Torvalds. It is a free Open source PO SIX compliant Operating system. It can runs on wild variety of Hardware  platforms.The development of Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software collaboration. The underlying source code may be used, modified, and distributed—commercially or non-commercially—by anyone under licenses such as the GNU General Public License.
Linux mainly used as server side Operating System. Linux servers are more secure than any other operating system.


Introduction to Linux

  This tutorial is helping you to understand the  basic concept in Linux .
  What is Linux?
Linux is the Operating System which was developed by Linux Torvalds.It is free and open source operating System and it is diff rant from Unix operating system.Most of us we think that it is same as that of Unix.Its structure is similar to Unix.
Linux is mostly used as server side operating system which can be used to built various servers such as Mail server,web server,samba server,DNS server etc. We can use Linux as Desktop O.S such as Ubuntu,Linux Mint which is having very rich Graphical User interface.  The software’s run inside the Linux O.S are very diffrant from Windows O.S.
When the Linux was first discovered, it was Single Operating System.Linus created the original Version of Linux Kernel and it’ source  code was distributed to the people. So people from diff rant regions created the diffrant versions of Linux by modifying the source code.Today their are many distributions can be available such as Red Hat linux,Suse Linux,Ubantu,Linux Mint etc. Every Linux Distribution is made for specific purpose. So before installing the Linux,we have to think about that what type of services we actually want,example whether we want to use linux as a server or desktop. and according to that we have to go to specific Distribution

Root is the Superuser in Linux.Root having full access over the system. The normal user having the limited privilege to access the system.The root user can do multiple tasks such user administration,server installation,Back up and Recovery,Monitoring the Log files etc.It can be represented in terminal as # and  the normal user can be represented by $ in terminal.


The computer can understand the language of 0’s and 1’s Known as the binary language. In early days of computing the instruction were providing using binary language which is difficult for all of us to read and write all those files in those directory .so in Linux there is special program called Shell. Shell accepts instruction from command line interface and and if it is valid command it passes to the kernel. The shell acts as an Interpreter which reads the command from input devices such as Keyboard and passes them into the Kernel.


The capitalization is one of the most important thing in Linux world .In widows world capitalization does not matter.

eg. If we create the folder  under Windows  and named as Data and search for the folder by naming the DATA|Data|data.  It will give same result named as Data because all  the folder name pointing towards the Data. But in linux   these folders or file names are different. These pointing towards  three different   folder. So the Data folder is different  from DATA folder.

Server Vs Desktop

Linux comes under two diff rant versions. Server version and Desktop   Version. The Server version contain only the command line interface (CLI).If we can install server version, then we will get only the Login shell with blinking cursor onto which we have to fire the commands.

If we can install Desktop version then we will get the nice fancy looking Graphical User Interface(GUI)  just like as windows. In  Linux Desktop we can also  install software just like windows like Games, Media players, Image editing software.

For beginner user it is better to install the Desktop version of Linux and play with Linux Such as Ubantu Linux, Linux Mint, Puppy Linux etc.

For better understanding watch below video.